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reblogged this from my old blog! :)


Bahay Ligaya

Food Photography shoot for Zomato.


check out my portfolio at http://pseudo—portfolio.tumblr.com/

For collaborations or photoshoots, you may e-mail me at: nickydee08@yahoo.com

Posted: July 11, 2014
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Life as a college student was never easy due to the many projects, school works and extra-curricular activities that we do everyday. Not to mention our social and family life! It’s a wreck but it’s worth the stress. 

I’m currently a member of two orgs— Tomasino Web and Mediartrix. I’m also an event organizer at Sparks Prod. And I do make-up and photography on the side. Plus I’m a full time student. And daughter to my parents. It is evident that I can multi-task but because I’m juggling my family, social and college life. There are times wherein the activities are too many that I may forget some things. 

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Posted: June 17, 2014
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Once again, summer is coming to a close and school is just a few weeks away. Time to give tips to the incoming freshmen peeps!!

1. It’s raining again (alleluia!) 

- One teardrop or spit can cause a flood. (kidding) haha. BUT YEAH, the month of June, July…..and “ber” months are rainy seasons and college students are definitely not waterproof. So always bring an UMBRELLA, it’s not only for the rain but for the terrible terrible heat that Mr. Sun is giving out.

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Posted: June 10, 2014
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The Coleurs Royale Dress Collection by Albert Andrada

From Paris to Milan to the Philippines, Fashion Week is staged twice a year and this season is the first for 2014!

It has been a dream of every designer to showcase their designs during Fashion Week. And every season, they give it their all. From designing to choosing the right fabric and prints to manufacturing the dress, it’s has been the cycle of every designer to create those gorgeous collections. You wouldn’t want to miss to see those!

This is my second year to attend fashion week and I still don’t know why they cut down two days off. It used to be 7 days but now it’s 5. The better side of it though, all of the designer shows are crunched into a day only so it was less hassle since MOA was a bit far for some. As usual, the event was attended by designers, famous fashion bloggers, supermodels and fashion enthusiast. Although the shows usually started late, it was worth the wait. 

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Posted: June 02, 2014
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Bahay Ligaya

Food Photography shoot for Zomato.


check out my portfolio at http://pseudo—portfolio.tumblr.com/

For collaborations or photoshoots, you may e-mail me at: nickydee08@yahoo.com

Posted: June 01, 2014
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hey guys! I’ve created another blog, actually it’s a pseudo-portfolio wherein I feature photos that I took! :) 

feel free to check it out! :)


For collaborations or photoshoots, you may e-mail me at: nickydee08@yahoo.com :)

Posted: May 28, 2014
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I saw this and I had an urge to respond. hello to my bestie!

     She was born in Forks,living in District 12. Attended the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Every summer, she goes to Camp Half-Blood, training and developing new cool legacies. She used to work part-time at Dauntless Faction. Now, working at the Fairytail Guild and owning a random future diary. Now, have you ever had a best friend like this? Living like Clary Fray? Living in the both sides of the world? Reality and Fantasy?

       She’s 5’4 in height, thin and slim. She has eye-glasses but chooses not to wear it. She has thin, pale lips and slightly pointed nose. Actually, she looks arrogant and serious, but trust me, she’s friendly and approachable. She’s a trustworthy person you can talk to, deep or not. Maybe she’s a bit sarcastic and a basher, especially to the boys, because, well… maybe the reason there is she’s a feminist. She’s not really judgmental, she always see the mistakes she has done herself before the others. We have so many things in common. We are yoloist, procrastinator, lazy, whatever you call it, cramming is our thing. We love movies, but we dislike horror. Punk rock is our jam. We don’t like wasting money, and lastly, we love Chatime.

       As you can see, there are undeniable reasons why we are best friends. But of course, people are all different from each other. She’s a perfectionist and a shy person but a competitive player, and I’m not.

Lastly, what really defines her is that she’s a reader. She escapes the cruel reality by books. Ironically, she’s living the opposite of what I’ve mentioned in my introduction. She doesn’t go to camp every summer; she isn’t working at all and so on. Maybe people will say that she’s living a boring life, but I’d say books made her experience things beyond reality. She is alive and powered by her imaginations, dreams and hopes. That’s my best friend right there, fellas. She is the girl conquering reality and fantasy. She faced her hardships head on by using her experience that was given by her fantasies. Even though, I am rather a girl that uses games to escape, but that’s how it works, right? We share, we connect each other’s world to heal, to help and to understand more of this reality. Life is a long and rough road, we all have ways to solve problems and realize things, and that’s why the world have binded us together. We benefit each other by seeing things in a different perspective.

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Posted: May 26, 2014




Posted: May 23, 2014
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I have been busy this summer. By busy meaning (having fun) lol. So I’ll make a short rundown of what I did so far this summer.

- Went out on a vacation with my awesome barkada this summer! Went to the beach, farm and some other places. Played beach volleyball, american football (using a water balloon) and etc. And ate mouthwatering “foods” hihi.

- After a couple of months, finally had time to hang out with my bestiesss <3 and yes, for the first time, we tried to go ice-skating. It was totally fun but unfortunately we fell a couple of times and I bruised & wounded my knee. Nevertheless, it was a (fun) experience!

- Been organizing an upcoming event of Sparks Production…which is THE 1975 NIGHT II!! it’s on JUNE 06. So ya’ll must go! ;) :)

- Doing random productive stuff this summer…TMTM. (lol)

- AANNND….last but definitely not the least….I’m going on exchange!! YAAAY. but I don’t know about the when’s and where’s yet. But first, I have to renew my passport. mehehe.

how bout’ you? how’s your summer so far? :D

Posted: May 23, 2014


Are you ready for the second wave?

Got THE 1975 PCD? want to hear their eargasmic hits again?

Sparks Production x The 1975 Philippines brings you


with performances by:

The Strange Creatures
Idioms and Dispositions
Exit To Mexico
and more…..

FUN, GAMES and SURPRISES awaits! Plus your favorite local bands will give their shot of your favorite The 1975 hits! 

a great way to end summer! you surely wouldn’t want to miss this!! :)

join the event:


don’t forget to like and follow us for more updates of the event!! :)

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SparksProductionsPH

twitter: https://twitter.com/SparksProdPH

spread the word 

Posted: April 17, 2014
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